Saturday, December 14, 2013

Allison Daniels and her Books

Allison Daniels and her books
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Allison Daniels-Wisdom

Allison Daniels-Wisdom

Allison Daniels-Determination

Allison Daniels--Determination --Your Determination will determine your destination

Allison Daniels-Co-Author-Book #3

Allison Daniels-Co -Author Book #3
Book: Celebration of Life--Inspiration For Women

Allison Daniels-Co-Author-Book # 2

Allison Daniels-Co -Author Book #2
Book: How To Survive When Your Ship Is Sinking--Weathering Life's Storms

Allison Daniels-Co-Author-Book #1

Allison Daniels-Co -Author Book 1
Book: Releasing Strongholds-Letting Go of What's Holding You Back

Allison Daniels --Evergreen Book Signing

Allison Daniels-Evergreen Book Signing
in Bowie, Maryland--Featured Book: Life Goes On: How To Maintain Your Faith Through Adversity

Allison Daniels --Workshop

Allison Daniels-Writer's Workshop 101

Allison Daniels-T-Shirts/Bookmark

Allison Daniels --T-Shirts/Bookmark